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CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) - Operation Demile for WA PolicePerth - Completed 2011

Oldfield Knott Architects was involved in numerous projects in WA Police’s preparation for CHOGM.  Work commenced in August 2010 in the form of feasibility studies and quickly became fourteen jobs spread across Perth totalling $4.5 million. These jobs included:


  • small office fit-outs and relocation of staff;
  • ablution upgrade;
  • a new gymnasium;
  • project management of temporary facilities/accommodation; and
  • the design, documentation and contract administration of the main Command Centre.


Oldfield Knott Architects worked closely with WA Police, numerous consultants and contractors, and, in most instances, achieved the desired final goals ahead of stringent schedule deadlines.


The Command Centre itself comprised of 450m2 of main floor space focusing in on a 25m long projection screen where WA Police were able to monitor the entire city 24 hours of the day.  Connected to the main floor were a Boardroom, Briefing Room, Office Space and Alfresco Dining Area where temporary ablutions and dining facilities were supplied for the duration of CHOGM. It was decided early on in the project that the Command Centre would be a permanent Operations Centre and now that CHOGM is over the space is continuing to be utilised by WA Police.


Originally a gymnasium/basketball court, the Command Centre’s adjoining change rooms/ablutions where fully refurbished creating fresh and more inviting facilities to complement not only the Command Centre but also the new replacement gymnasium.


Temporary Staging Posts were created at two separate sites providing WA Police with areas to change, dine and prepare for deployment to the different CHOGM venues. Additionally, the design included Temporary Armouries within sea containers, which could be packed away and reused at future events. To meet the client’s expectations these Staging Posts required extensive project management and programming so as to co-ordinate the numerous contractors required to setup the venues and ensure the sites were ready for the scheduled dates of occupation.


Included in the scope of the project was the clean-up of the temporary facilities post-CHOGM. Work commenced directly following the event and within two weeks all sites were restored to their original state.


Oldfield Knott Architect’s fourteen month involvement in CHOGM amply demonstrates the firm’s project management skills, in conjunction with administration of traditional contracts within prescribed rigid timeframes.