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SKG Radiology CurrambineHobsons Gate, Currambine - Completed 2012

The new SKG Radiology Suite in Currambine consists of two general X-ray rooms, four ultrasound rooms, CT, future MRI, administration offices and staff facilities. The suite, situated in a new development along Marmion Avenue, is one of seven new tenancies.


Oldfield Knott Architects was responsible for liaising with the developer prior to SKG Radiology signing the lease agreement and throughout construction to ensure the client’s technical needs were met in the base build of their tenancy. The tenancy fit-out design, documentation and contract administration was also undertaken by Oldfield Knott Architects.


As part of the design and documentation phases, Oldfield Knott Architects worked alongside the vendors and client to ensure that the fit-out met equipment installation requirements and that the tenancy layout promoted efficient work flow with the new equipment and technology.  The future MRI installation requirements are already in place to ensure all runs smoothly.


In addition to Oldfield Knott Architects’ new SKG Radiology Bunbury Suite, operational since December 2012, this project, delivered on time and within budget, paves the way for future SKG collaborations.


// images by cado lee photography