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Woodside Pluto Burrup Materials FacilityBurrup Peninsula, Karratha - Completed

The Woodside Pluto Burrup Materials Facility is located to the south east of the existing King Bay Supply Base in Mermaid Sound, on a section of land known as Suicide Alley. The site is located on the Burrup Peninsula, approximately 1500 kilometres north of Perth and 27 kilometres west of the township of Karratha.


The purpose of the facilities is to provide the necessary infrastructure to support the onshore and offshore facilities and marine requirements of Woodside’s Pluto project during the operational phase:


  • The storage and warehouse facilities will stock and supply items necessary to enable the offshore facility to provide maximum operational availability;
  • The wharf structure will be a future facility to allow offshore supply vessels to load cargo travelling to the offshore facility and discharge cargo returned from the facility. Four tugs supporting the movement of LNG tankers loading cargo from the Pluto processing facility will be housed and serviced within the confines of the supply base; and
  • The laboratory facility will provide services necessary to enable the NWS (North West Shelf) and Pluto plant facilities.


The Burrup Materials Facility, including the storage and warehouse facilities, the wharf and tugs, are intended as “stand alone” from the other NWS assets which are managed by the Woodside Group of Companies on behalf of the North West Shelf Venture (NWSV). The laboratory facility is intended for both NWS and Pluto assets.


‘Safe Haven’ capability provides for adequate open areas for the mustering of site personnel in nominated buildings with the provision of an emergency shower and eyewash station, full lighting, communications and IT facilities, minimum recirculated ventilation of habitable spaces and the ability to shut down air-conditioning and prevent external air from being circulated throughout the building. These provisions are provided in the event of an ammonia release from the Burrup Fertilisers Facility.


‘Emergency/critical power in case of power failure’ capability provides full lighting in ‘safe haven’ buildings and emergency lighting in the warehouse, rigging store, anti-static and rubber store and chemical store and minimum ventilation of habitable spaces with outside air maintained.


Primarily, the supply base and marine facility is located on reclaimed land. Of the submerged section approximately 7.21 ha are reclaimed for the proposed port facilities. Approximately 3.44 ha are built up from existing ground levels (the section adjacent to the Suicide Alley beach). There are a number of heritage areas that have been identified and these are integrated into the overall design.


The base consists of a number of buildings and lay-down areas on the site which has been master planned for future growth:


  • Warehouse and Anti-static and Rubber Store;
  • Warehouse Office;
  • Rigging Store (at the end of the main warehouse);
  • Chemical Store;
  • Gatehouse;
  • Laboratory and Store;
  • Wharf Laydown Area;
  • Long Term Laydown Area;
  • Chemical Storage Area;
  • Rigging Laydown Area;
  • Warehouse Laydown Area;
  • Rotor Store;
  • Containment Sump;
  • Explosives Magazine;
  • Waste Disposal Area;
  • Transformer Compound and Switchgear Enclosure;
  • Emergency Generator;
  • Weighbridge;
  • Communications Relay Station;
  • Firewater System;
  • Emergency Showers/Eyewash Stations; and
  • Portable Water System.