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Holyoake Stafford Street, Midland - Completed 2012

Holyoake is a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation and counselling service in Western Australia, assisting more than 4,000 people a year by providing counselling and practical assistance programs to address alcohol and drug abuse issues.


This project called for the refurbishment an existing two storey electrical contractor’s warehouse and retail building. A considerable amount of work was required internally to bring the renovated building up to code compliance in relation to energy and accessibility and included: additional stair width; the installation of a lift; and new sanitary facilities.


 The single storey frontage was elevated to two storeys, providing a double volume main reception area, with this seated waiting area serviced by a secured office facility, a passenger lift to the second floor and a unisex accessible toilet.


The ground floor provides for a work area for the office manager, a consulting room, a nurse and a doctor should they be required. Upstairs there is a training area, offices, a server/ store room, a lunch room with amenities and end of journey facilities, together with respite areas for staff for casework discussions and/ or relaxation.