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Licensing Enforcement DivisionSeven Oaks Road, Cannington - Completed 2012

Our fit-out team was commissioned to provide full architectural services to design, document and administer the contract for the refurbishment of a large portion of the ground floor to accommodate the new offices and public waiting area for the Licensing Enforcement Division (LED).


The programme only allowed six months for the design, documentation, tender and construction period. A further constraint was the need to facilitate the continuous occupation of a sub-tenancy within our client’s area throughout the construction period.


Several major changes to the scope regarding reallocated and additional end-user business units required the entire layout to be re-designed and completely re-documented, including services. This instruction was received during the tender process and required an urgent addendum to accommodate the late changes while still maintaining the fixed completion date. Due to the nature of the end user’s business, security and acoustic requirements were paramount to cater for the public interface and various internal operational needs such as Armouries, Property Stores, Meeting Rooms and Interview Rooms. Furniture selection and procurement was required to suit the programme and budget with an emphasis on lead time, functionality, visual impact and longevity.


The design philosophy was to utilise existing rooms where possible to minimise demolition and construction time resulting in reduced construction costs. The front counter booths were staggered to instil a welcoming aesthetic and to promote audio privacy while still providing visual surveillance for security. The existing workstations and screens were replaced and the layout redesigned to suit the technical and functionality requirements of the new business units, maximising space and work efficiency and improving the general work environment.