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Sage Hotel & Julio's RestaurantHay Street, West Perth - Completed 2016

The challenge in knitting this elegant mid-rise boutique hotel addition in West Perth with the iconic two storey brick and iron Federation Queen Anne heritage building, in which the renowned Julio’s Restaurant resides, was how to preserve and celebrate the existing fabric while marrying it with a striking new form to house the requisite programme.


The heritage building was substantially refurbished with the exposed brick and timber renovated and enhanced to create a spacious, light-filled interior accommodating a new restaurant and bar facilities, for hotel and other patrons, in addition to new first floor guest suites, offices and conference facilities with access to the ornate verandah balcony. The new Julio’s activates the Hay Street elevation of the building and succeeds in its ambition of providing a vibrant neighbourhood bar to the area. A penetration in the existing building’s southern elevation provides a seamless and elegant transition to the refined sophistication of the new fourteen storey boutique hotel’s foyer, also accessed from Ventnor Avenue.


To accommodate the required 98 hotel guestrooms a collaborative design process generated the striking cantilevered form of the 14 storey precast and in-situ concrete mid-rise tower. The structural challenge inherent to this design resulted in a distinctive form, which “floats” above the existing building. The clear differentiation between old and new in scale, material and construction, succeeds in the challenge of simultaneously celebrating the existing while welcoming a stylish addition to the skyline.


// Images by Silvertone Photography