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The LookoutThe Esplanade, Scarborough - Completed 2000

Arguably one of the best live entertainment venues in Western Australia, this refurbishment offers a contemporary design reflecting the ever-changing fashionable 'Nightclub' & live music scene. Taking on the divisions of dance, lounge & VIP areas the Club 'A' & Lookout uses a varied palette of materials to create a great night spot.


The eloquently glimmering bar is faced in a backlit Marblo decorative panel, creating a rich luminous glow complemented by a back bar of stainless steel and milk coloured glass. Lush, upholstered wall panels are located throughout bench and banquette seating zones, providing an intimate lounge area. The metallic vinyl flooring sets it all off.


Colour, glass and graphics combine to create a translucent division - a subtle connection between the Lookout & Club 'A'.