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Coles Regional Distribution CentreHorrie Miller Drive, Perth Airport - Completed 2008

As part of the Coles Group's national rollout of their Food & Liquor Supply Chain Transformation Program, the Western Australian Regional Distribution Centre is designed to be a centralised composite warehousing, distribution and administrative facility. The facility represents a new model of operational efficiency with regard to warehouse management and safe workplace design, intended to radically improve the performance of Coles' food, liquor and fuel supply chain in Western Australia.


Situated on a 25 hectare site on Horrie Miller Drive at the Perth Airport, the facility is ideally located to take advantage of unrivalled proximity to road, rail and air transport in support of the Supply Chain Transformation Program’s objectives.


The Coles Regional Distribution Centre (WA) is a facility of approximately 81,000m² of total floor area consisting of the following main areas:


  • Ambient Warehouse Chamber: 49,100m²;
  • Chilled Warehouse Chamber (+2ºC) : 17,100m²;
  • Freezer Warehouse Chamber (-25ºC) : 7,550m²;
  • Main Administration Office (2 storey) : 3,450m²;
  • Satellite Office 1 (2 storey) : 1,620m²; and
  •  Satellite Office 2 (2 storey) : 1,200m².


The warehouse chambers are designed with large column free spaces to suit defined racking layouts, and have clear heights of 12.7 metres to the underside of portal structure at ridge (10.4m at portal knee) to ambient warehouse, and 10.0 metres to the underside of insulated panel ceilings to the chilled and freezer warehouse. External wall construction is typically precast concrete dado panels with metal cladding above to the ambient warehouse, and 150mm thick metal faced insulated panel construction to the chilled and freezer warehouses. The facility includes a combined total of approximately 160 recessed and on-grade loading docks across the three various temperature warehouse chambers.


Other accommodation and facilities forming part of the project also include the Entry / Reception Building, Gatehouse, Freezer Plantroom & Amenities, Generator / Substation / Switchroom Building, and Pumphouse Building.


The project was completed in May 2008.