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AMC Central Services FacilityCorner Russell & McGrath Road, Munster - Completed 2008
The Central Services Facility (CSF) for the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) has been commissioned by the Department of Industry and Resources (DoIR) through the Department of Housing and Works. The CSF is situated at the "gateway" to the AMC Technology Precinct and is envisaged to become a "village hub" to cater to the increasing development within the Precinct.
The CSF comprises three buildings on north-facing site sloping downwards towards Lake Coogee. At the top of the site is the two storey Function Centre, which contains three distinct components. The first consists of an alfresco dining area, tavern and café. The second consists of administration offices, meeting spaces and three function rooms, one with views over the whole site and of Lake Coogee. The third consists of office spaces and a data centre. The two buildings lower down the site consist of single storey retail premises and a gymnasium.
The landscape design has been developed to suit the harsh environmental conditions and has been largely based upon native species common to the Swan Coastal Plain. The landscape for the  AMC will be distinctly Western Australian, featuring grass trees emerging from mass planted ground covers set against a generous backdrop of eucalypts. 



Building Orientations & Shapes - The main building shape has been designed and oriented to enable us to maximise passive solar control: it is a rectangular block with its long axis running from east to west. Deep overhangs on the north facade provide summer shading to glazing, and openings to east and west facades are minimised. The main building was designed and constructed to a higher standard than previous norms for commercial buildings, to reduce its dependence on energy for internal climate control.   



DoIR proposes that the facility will not only provide support and meeting amenities for the technology-based organisations located within the Precinct but will also become a social node for networking and social functions for the wider business and local communities.