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The CamfieldRoger McKay Drive, Burswood - Completed 2018
The Camfield has fittingly been described as a “mega-pub”. Boasting the title of ‘Australia’s largest pub’ the 7500m2 site, which used to be the Burswood golf club, is situated opposite Perth’s Optus stadium. By repurposing existing structures and navigating extensive existing services the design team where able to blend old and new to create a Tavern which fulfilled the client’s desire to handle the throng of patrons attending stadium events as well as being able to appeal to a broad demographic.


Monolithic portal frames, timber boards and equitone panels make up the modest yet striking facades of the Camfield. Upon entering the monumental pub, one would expect a cavernous interior, however by working with proportion and materiality, the pub interior has a more comfortable, inviting feel. Circulation seamlessly flows between interior and exterior spaces through the vast array of bifold doors. The overall layout as designed, provides flexibility in terms of use of spaces and satisfactorily accommodate the client’s operational requirements.


Notable features of the Camfield include a fully functional microbrewery, 5 bars hosting 175 beer taps, two pizza oven’s together capable of producing 4 pizzas per minute, a container bar, a 5m wide outdoor TV screen and a traditional beer garden. The extent of services required to accommodate these facilities was one of the major challenges of the project. It was necessary to seamlessly integrate them into the building without compromising the aesthetic outcome. Oldfield Knott Architects provided full design and documentation services, as well as support during construction, Mobilia provided the interior design consultancy. Together we were able to bring the client’s vision to fruition. The Camfield is a standout in Perth’s bustling new entertainment district and sets the bench mark high for future pubs.